New Homes Week 2017

To mark the start of New Homes Week we have put together some reasons as to why buying new is better and how it can benefit you.

With more and more new homes being built every year, lots of people are asking ‘why should I buy a new build home?’. Whether it’s making your colour choices or having the peace of mind that your home is protected, we’ve put together a few reasons why buying new is better.

The choice is yours

A new build home is a blank canvas so there is lots of opportunity to add your own personal touches and make it yours. The earlier you register your interest in a new build home, the more likely you are to be able to make colour and configuration requests that match your own personal style. So if you want to change a storage room into an extra wardrobe, or really want those tiles in the bathroom, you’re able to make these decisions without having to worry about spending money on changes when you move in.

Built to last

New build homes are built with longevity in mind so you’ll be purchasing a home that is fitted out to recent and high quality specifications, meaning that maintainence and repairs should be minimal in the first few years.

Safe & Secure

Most new houses come with 10 years NHBC warranty meaning that the property is monitored during the build process and that during the first two years after completion the housebuilder is responsible for correcting any defects.

Pay less for bills

New build homes are designed to be energy efficient which means that they are well insulated and require less electricity to heat, so you should be able to pay less for your heating bills.

No chain

Buying a new build home removes one link in the house-buying chain and the worry of a sale falling through. With no-one moving out of the house you are buying completions can take place much more smoothly, making the process much quicker.

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