About Yellow Tree Capital

A lot of the blogs we write and the information we provide showcases our projects with developers and shows the vast array of property types and locations we work in. But it is not always clear exactly what Yellow Tree Capital do and what our role in each project is. So here’s some explanation…

Who are we?

We are Yellow Tree Capital, a property finance company based in central Sevenoaks, Kent.

What does that mean?

This means we provide funding to assist local developers to deliver residential projects. We provide our own capital in a variety of different ways dependant on the level of investment that is required for each project.

What ways do we lend?

We lend capital in various ways to meet the requirements of the project and the developer, a couple of examples are below:

  1. Mezzanine Funding – we will top up the difference between the amount the developer will contribute and the amount the Senior Lender will loan, meaning the developer can have a minimum contribution with a good return
  2. Joint Venture – we will share the capital investment with the developer and also contribute additional expertise from project management to sales and marketing, meaning that the house builder/developer can spend more time on the construction

 How are we growing?

We are continuously looking for new investment opportunities and projects to work on with contractors, developers and builders. We began focussed on local projects around Sevenoaks and have already grown to wider South East, The Cotswolds and even the Isle of Wight. We have also grown from focussing on individual, detached homes to residential developments and apartment blocks of varying volumes, specifications and prices. With the span of our project locations and types increasing , so does our team, and we now have a dedicated Development Manager and Sales and Marketing Manager to assist with all the requirements the projects need.

So, if you or anyone you know is looking for investment support in a residential project, get in touch with us for an informal chat and we can discuss how we can work with you to help deliver your project ideas.

Contact us today.

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